Wilkes-Barre, Times Leader

Friday, February 22, 2008   Page: 7A

CIRCLE MARCH 24 on your calendar.It’s an important date if:

• you aren’t registered to vote.

• you’re a third-party voter.

• you want to change parties.

March 24 is the last day to register to vote or change your party before the April 22 primary election.

The rules are simple: If you want to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate, you must be a registered Democrat.

And if you want to vote for a Republican presidential candidate, you must be a registered Republican.

Election Bureau Director Leonard Piazza said there are 14,000 third-party voters who aren’t eligible to vote for Republican or Democratic presidential candidates, reported staff writer Jennifer Learn-Andes in Thursday’s edition.

Some of these voters may be confused by Pennsylvania’s rules because they previously lived in states that allow third-party voters to choose Democrats or Republicans in primaries.

Confusion may also arise because of media coverage describing how third-party voters have gravitated to particular Democratic or Republican presidential candidates in other state primaries, Piazza said.

Piazza said the presidential race is sparking more voter registrations, with the number up about 4,500 since May.

Pennsylvania may play a key role in deciding which candidates will be on the November ballot. Don’t miss out on having your say.

To change registrationThird-party voters who want to vote in the presidential race may change their registration to Democrat or Republican by March 24.

• Stations are set up in the Luzerne County Election Bureau, 20 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 207, Wilkes-Barre, to allow people to register to vote on computers rather than by filling out paper forms.

• Registration applications may also be downloaded from the county Web site at http://www.luzernecounty.org.

For more information: Call 825-1715 or e-mail elections@luzernecounty.org.


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